Thursday, October 31, 2019

Journals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Journals - Essay Example The Seattle man stands at 48 feet and weighs 26,000 pounds, each hammering man has a unique number instead of a name like most artistic work, for example, the man is Seattle is numbered #3277164. The typical hammering man statue is made up of hollow fabricated steel, and mechanized arm made from aluminum and operated by an electric motor, the whole contraption is covered in black automotive paint. The most striking aspect of the hammering man is that unlike other works of art that remain static throughout, the aluminum arm, hammers four times every minute as its run by a 3-hp electric motor set on automatic timing to keep the movement steady. The fact that it is huge and painted black also sets it apart from the rest of the surrounding environment since most are brightly colored and I found its apparent intrusion into the landscape making it even more compelling. The hammering man’s primary significance is its representation of the worker, according to the artist; it celebrate s the every worker whether it is a village craftsman, a South African coal miner computer tech in DC or any other individual engaged in work effort. After observing it for a few minutes, I felt that, aside from representing the workers, it also holds a profound philosophical meaning as it helps individuals contemplate on the meanings of their lives. Through the sculpture, people can reflect on their own lives based on their interpretation and how they can relate it with various aspects of their lives (Borofsky). Furthermore, the hammering man despite being fundamentally a machine also attempts to humanize labor by only hammering till evening and taking breaks on Labor Day every year. At the end of the day, while the sculpture/s are crude in comparison to other more traditional forms of art, it there is no doubt that it carries a deep meaning and is very significant both as an artist and humanist symbol. The Rotary Tumble Muharrem Yildirim has a degree in computer science and much of his work is geared towards the enhancement of human and machine interaction, his media for generating art is computer graphics through which he creates interactive works. David Tinapple is an artist and engineer and his work is focused on the creation of tools to gather and analyze media real time media and interactive video environment. They goal of his work is to illuminate those forces that are constantly in action around the human environment and explore assumption humans make in their consideration of the world. These two talented individual pooled their complementary tools to come up with the Rotary Tumble; the main objective was to create a digital object which would be both interactive and physically tangible and to this end, they focused on the physical spinning or tumbling of an object. They contemplated the impact of making the computer aware of the position and motion of a spinning or tumbling body, they assumed that if it is aware of the objects exact projection and mo tion in real time, it can be accurately mapped in spins. As such, they created what can be termed as a DIY (do it yourself) optical rotary encoder which is made up of black and white strips printed in a radial pattern and carry a digital encoding of the angle of rotation. Through an 8 bit a

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